New Visa process in Tanzania Tanzania

Immigration Authorities have changed their way of handling visas on arrival. Previously, visas could be issued online or on arrival by waiting in a small queue.

As from today, visitors arriving in Tanzania through via airports and land borders without having secured their visa in advance online will have to undergo an extended procedure.

We recommend that travellers apply for an e-visa in advance online at for all trips, starting immediately. Online visa applications will require more information than the one asked for on arrival and will be issued within a few days.

For those travellers that do not wish or do not have enough time to apply for an e-visa, the new process to get a visa on arrival will require these steps:

  • Queue for a Government Control Number
  • Queue to pay for this at the bank
  • Queue to have the visa issued
  • Queue for Immigration to check the visa


The new process can be quite lengthy and take clients up to two hours to complete. We understand that this is not the best way to start a holiday and the industry is working with the Government to make this process more streamlined. Given the short notice received about the above meas‐ ures we strongly recommend that all clients traveling to Tanzania apply online for an e-visa. This is especially important to travellers with onward connections both by air or road after arriving to Tanzania.

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